What forms do I need to bring with me to the initial consultation?

Bring any documents that you have been served (such as the Complaint or Petition in a lawsuit). Bring prior orders from previous cases if it is a modification action. Bring income information (such as a recent W-2 or paycheck stub) for both you and your spouse.

What will happen at the initial consultation?

Nichole will meet with you for one hour and go over the facts of your case. Based on the information provided, Nichole will discuss options for proceeding and the cost of each option.

Why does Nichole charge for the initial consultation?

Nichole will listen to the facts of your case and provide you with valuable information. The initial consultation is not a "sales" pitch. It's a time for you and Nichole to get to know each other and decide whether you and Nichole will be a good team. During that process, Nichole is taking the first steps of moving your case forward.

How much does a case cost?

Each case is different based on the complexity of the law suit. Do you and your spouse agree on everything or almost everything or nothing at all? What assets do you have that it makes rational financial sense to fight over? Are there children involved? At the end of the initial consultation, Nichole will discuss the retainer required and how much she expects the case to cost. There will be a written fee agreement detailing the understanding between you and Nichole about what charges you may incur.